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Ski full day (6hr) 1-3pax

Allow our ski experts to help you master your passion

Ski lessons

Our ski lessons in Saas-Fee offer a fully personalised learning experience, coached by a team of highly skilled international professionals dedicated to ensuring your maximum enjoyment in the stunning ski area of Saas-Fee. Our programs cater to skiers of all ages and include a unique all-encompassing approach designed for kids, teenagers, and adults aimed at both challenging them and nurturing a deep passion for skiing. Beginners: Saas-Fee boasts two fantastic beginner areas, making it an idyllic setting for those embarking on their skiing journey. You'll have the opportunity to build a strong foundation and discover the joy of skiing. Intermediate to Advanced: Our ski school, coupled with Saas-Fee's diverse range of runs, will enhance your technical skills while allowing you to explore various types of terrain, ensuring a well-rounded skiing experience. Experts: Accomplished skiers can revel in a dynamic and enjoyable approach to refining their skiing technique and all-round abilities. We focus on specific skills like carving, race performance, moguls, short turns, off-piste snow, and freeskiing to help you reach new heights in your skiing prowess. Join us for a personalised skiing adventure amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Saas-Fee!

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Saas Fee, Switzerland

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