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The TSA team


Lawrence, or "Loz" for short, is our  company manager and founder of TSA. Loz works as one of our race coaches and heads up the instructor training.
Having spent the last 17 years in Saas Fee and 20 years in the ski industry, Loz is an integral member of The Ski Academy team. Loz holds the Swiss Brevet Federal, is a qualified BASI instructor, race coach, and an ISIA member.
When he's not on instructing, Loz enjoys exploring the backcountry or cheering on Wales in the 6 nations.


Loz Owner of TSA Ski School Saas Fee


Bradley works as one of our ski instructors and race coaches at The Ski Academy. 

Bradley is a BASI qualified instructor and is working towards his race coach qualification. 


Living in Switzerland for the past 5 years means he loves all winter sports and in his free time you'll find him skiing in the back country, or popping off every jump in the park. 

During the summer months he loves to travel around Europe with his skateboard in hand, meeting new people and exploring new places. 



Gabi is one of our race coaches and ski instructor trainers at TSA.

Having grown up in the Saastal valley, Gabi has been skiing from the moment he could walk. He is a fully qualified Swiss ski teacher as well as the director of the Swiss Ski school in Saas-Fee during winter. He was also a members of the Swiss Demo Team.


Gabi, also known as Gabriel, was on the Swiss nation ski team and competed in the Europa Cup.


During the summer Gabi is loves to be out in the nature on hiking trips, up in his mountain hut (Almagellerhutte) or at home with his young family.


Gabi Coach at TSA Ski School Saas Fee


Megan is one of our ski instructors and passionate mountain lovers!

Megan has qualified in the BASI system and is a trainee race coach.


Having spent the past 4 years living in Switzerland, Megan has a real passion for all mountain sports.

When Megan isn't on the mountain, she will often be found in the CrossFit gym or socialising with her friends.

In the summer months you'll find Megan somewhere by the sea, travelling in her van, visiting new countries and learning new cultures.



Laura is one of our ski instructors and passionate mountain lovers!

Laura comes from France and has qualified in the BASI system and is a trainee race coach.


Laura's main passions are skiing, hiking and climbing to all of the 4000 metre summits in the region.

Laura is also a marathon athlete and CrossFit coach in Saas Fee

When Laura isn't in the mountains, she is normally travelling around the world in a van, discovering new languages and cultures.

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