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It's important to know what people say about us


We care most about doing our job right and building a good reputation through hard work and good quality, this is how we have earned the reviews we have. This is a random selection of reviews posted on Google reviews - we haven't cherry picked the best only! We have a 5 star rating due to the work we do and effort we put into every course. Please go check it out

"I have been training with Loz over the last couple of years or so. Not only is he a great and a kind guy full of energy, he is also a superb trainer with tons of patience and is very supportive. He knows how to get the best out of you and keep on motivating you and knows how to give you the exact kind of drills/exercises etc. that will increase (also challenge you) your skill level and see real improvement. Thoroughly enjoyed training with him!"

(Heidi - ISIA level 3 course - 5 stars)

"Loz taught me on an autumn pre season course a few years back. His attention to detail was second to none and my skiing came on leaps and bounds. The course was great fun and I learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend his coaching!"

(Tommy - Performance course - 5 stars)

"I did the ISIA training course with Loz. I was blown away by how great a teacher he was! He has a huge passion for the sport and that really shone through. Loz delivered a course which was tailored to my individual needs. My ability and knowledge of skiing improved dramatically. Overall an absolutely brilliant course!"

(Peter - ISIA level 3 course - 5 stars)


"I’ve been training with Loz over a couple of years now every time I go to Saas on vacation and he’s not only super nice and fun to be around, he helped me advance my skills a lot. Only ever had great experiences with him as a a trainer, it’s always the right balance of feeling safe and comfortable and challenged at the same time. Highly recommend him, no matter how good of a skier you are!!"

(Sukie - Performance course - 5 stars)

"I did the ISIA and gap course with Loz this season. Both great courses that have really improved my skiing. Loz is extremely knowledgeable and a great instructor. It has been great fun and I have loved every minute!"

(Alex - ISIA level 3 course - 5 stars)

"I trained with Loz through the winter seasons from 2016 to 2019 which encapsulated me training towards and passing my BASI level 2 and then going on to train towards the standard required for ISIA (level 3)
Loz is an excellent ski coach and conversations with him reveal the depth and breadth of his knowledge of skiing and the sports science that goes with it. He is however always able to put these points across in clear language which allow the audience to understand the core message.
Across the years that i ski’d with Loz my skiing, and understanding of skiing, improved hugely and I would recommend him to anyone looking to Improve for any reason."

(Mike - level 1 Gap course - 5 stars)

"After I received my BASI Level 2, I joined the ISIA training course with Loz and it was the best decision I have ever made. Loz took my basic skills and taught me so much more about skiing. His ability, combined with his passion and way of communicating, led to a dramatic improvement in my skiing. I honestly couldn’t recommend Loz enough - truly fantastic course, instructor and bloke!"

(Luke - ISIA level 3 course - 5 stars)

"I had Loz as a trainer last November. He managed to master my ski technique and did a proper follow up. I will be back again next season for sure!"

(Hernán - Performance course - 5 stars)

"One of the best instructors/coaches/teachers out there, helped me improve my skiing a-lot, and was also always supportive. Instruction was always clear and helpful, thank you."

(Rob - Level 1 & 2 Gap course - 5 stars)

"Had Loz as a trainer for my gap course this year. Easily the best and most experienced trainer that I’ve ever had. Would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to elevate their skiing to the next level"

Lewis - Level 1 & 2 Gap course - 5 stars)

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