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Trainee ski teachers TSA The Ski Academy Ski School

We are a team of fully qualified ski teachers and race coaches who specialise in performance skiing, whether is be specific race training, piste performance, back country or instructor training, we have the experience and knowledge needed to run courses in a professional way and help you get the most out of your skiing.


"Beyond a ski school..."

We decided to set up this extra devision of the Swiss ski school in Saas Fee to extend peoples awareness of were performance skiing can lead to. Most people think skiing stops once you can ski down every run in resort - we're here to show you that skiing starts here and how you can get the most out of this amazing sport.

At TSA we full-time career ski instructors and race coaches who have made it our life's mission to help skiers achieve their on snow ambitions. 

One area we're really good at - Instructor Training!

At TSA we are not a course provider who never steps foot in a resort, we are the ski teachers on the ground that you will meet and train with. We live and work here in Saas Fee and we were once in yours shoes…we get it.

Having spent our entire lives in the ski industry and years training ski instructors, we know how to get most out of our students and run the perfect instructor training courses coherent to the ski system you're training in - but most importantly we have fun doing it...that's the point right?!

As passionate skiers and coaches, we aim to inspire our skiers with the same energy thats drives us everyday. Come and share this lifestyle with us and see how The Ski Academy can change your outlook.

Ultimately ski instructing fuelled our passion for the mountains and this lifestyle. We’re lucky to wake up here everyday and call this place home - now let us pass this onto you

Photo by Loz, TSA The Ski Academy Ski School
Trainee ski teachers TSA The Ski Academy Ski School

What started off as a conversation about how it's a shame people stop their progression after "standard ski school" led us to setting up The Ski Academy. We knew by creating this academy, we could train people with a real interest in higher levels of skiing and who want to excel in their sport more than ever. So we thought let's start with good skiers and make them great skiers!

We decided to look into our back grounds and our own passions within skiing and use our strengths to create this ski school. We are ski racers, freeride back country skiers, passionate piste performance skiers and long term ski instructors - so we knew this was the best way do a fantastic job - do what we love everyday and work with the performance skier themselves to unlock their potential.

Click here to get in contact with one of us.

We want you to know who we are and why trust is one of our main values. As we are an academy specialising in higher levels of skiing, our team are all highly experienced ski coaches and all fully qualified within the Swiss Snowsports. The average years of teaching experience in our team is 15+ years and all coaches at TSA have an entire life of skiing, racing or backcountry riding behind them.

We're passionate about what we do. When we're not coaching, we're doing what we love - skiing! Whether it be carving up the pistes or touring the backcountry for fresh powder, we'll be found somewhere on the Swiss mountains of Valais having a blast!

Instructor Academy - We live the ski teacher life and we can offer our experience to help guide you through this exciting unknown…so you’ll want people who know and understand every step involved. We want you to create the memories of a lifetime and experience the very best the mountains have to offer - fantastic training, friendships that last forever and adventures that only a ski instructor would understand.

For more info on the Instructor academy, click here...

Race Academy - With a wealth of race coaching experience and ski coaches who themselves have competed to a high level, we know what it takes to prepare young athletes for competition at all levels. Whether you're just looking for gates and materiel rental, assured ski lane reservation or the full race camp package, get in touch for our local knowledge and expertise.

For more info on the Race Academy, click here...

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